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Public buildings interiors

A field we are the very best in is a complete public building interior supply. A task of this kind requires a broad range of knowledge and a considerable amount of coordination. Luckily, we have both of those.
In the best case, we cooperate with the architect from the right beginning and we participate in the project-making. We are keen to give an advice, regarding any of our tried and tested solutions or materials. We regularly participate in trade fairs and presentations of newly released products, from which our inspiration comes.
If we are to realise the contract, we know how to deal with it and we come up with a feasible deadline. We do not promise anything, we know is not to be completed with required quality or within the arranged deadline.
A bigger volume of the contract or longer warranty period is no problem at all. We always work according to our motto: SERIOUSNESS / SATISFACTION / STABILITY.
Our service is not limited only to furniture. In case of your interest, we can provide you with information about Feng-shui or with atypical floral decoration.

Our referential contracts:
OC Chodov Prague
MOU Brno (Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute)

Employment Department Polní Brno
MZM – Mendelianum Brno
MZM – Anthropos Brno
Entrance building to Punkevní cave
Archeological Park Pavlov
Municipal spa NMnM
Velký svět techniky Ostrava
Avriopoint Sochorova Brno
Beckhoff Czech Republic Brno

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