Wash-basin desks
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Wash-basin desks

We offer 3 basic type sof materials:
1. Compact HPL - th. 10-13 mm
2. Postforming - core chipboard, surface HPL
3. Artificial stone

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1. Compact HPL Wash-basin desks
High pressure laminate is durable, with wide range of colors and thickenesses. Joints are visible.
2. Postforming Wash-basin desks
Postforming boards (by Kaindl) brings many advantages - easy and fast assembly, variety of colours and patterns, feasible price, resistence against scratches.

3. Artificial stone Wash-basin desks

Nonporous, workable material. Joints are not visible, the surface is smooth. In case of scratches the surface can be repolished.
Consoles for mounting to the wall can be made ether of stainless steel or steel with powder coating according to particular demand.
We use chemical anchors to gurantee the highest stability. We provide the desks without cash-basins, only with holes prepared for specific type of wash basin. According to a contract we can provide also wash basins.
Umyvadlová deska HPL Umyvadlová deska Umělý kámen

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