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Hotel furniture

Your hotel will be much nicer than you could ever imagine.
As we have been 16 years in the market place, we have developer our own standards (sanitary partition walls
wardrobes and benches for changing rooms, office furniture) and we outfit not the only one hotel.
We often like to modify classical options into new ones with unique design, properties and dimensions.
Thanks to our jointy we are able to flash-out almost any project, any idea of an architect.
We can offer you:
a) Feng-shui hotel
b) business hotel
Our experiences are full-scale, come and convince yourself. In fact, our products are even nicer and comfortable than on photoes.

Hotel Maximus Resort Brno
- the most beautiful hotel in Brno in Feng-shui style
- complete interior delivery: hotel rooms, apartments, restaurant, bowling, reception desk, tenis club, garden restaurant, interior wallcovering, sanitary partition walls
Visualizations at the beginning:
Maximus Resort vizualizace 1 Maximus Resort vizualizace 2
Maximus Resort vizualizace 3 Maximus Resort vizualizace 4

The result is amazing.

Hotel Maximus Resort Brno

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Hotel STEP Praha
- well known wellness hotel in Prague
- redesign of 2nd floor: hotel rooms, apartments
Visualizations at the beginning:
Hotel STEP Praha vizualizace 1 Hotel STEP Praha vizualizace 2
Hotel STEP Praha vizualizace 3 Hotel STEP Praha vizualizace 4
The reset is worth the effort:
Hotel STEP Praha 1 Hotel STEP Praha 2
Hotel STEP Praha 3 Hotel STEP Praha 4

Next redesign in progress (visualizations):

Hotel KOZÁK Brno
Hotel KOZÁK Brno vizualizace 1 Hotel KOZÁK Brno vizualizace 2
Hotel KOZÁK Brno vizualizace 3 Hotel KOZÁK Brno vizualizace 4

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